Growing Natives Garden Tour 2017

Downtown San Jose Craftsman (5 photos)

Garden #51, San Jose


Showcase Features: This two-year-old native garden surrounds a charming Craftsman home. In the front, below a legacy non-native birch, behind a sago palm, you will find woolly blue curls, red buckwheat, trailing manzanita, lilac verbena, and Pacific reed grass. The real showpiece though is the large backyard landscaped as a native meadow, flanked by fence plantings of native grape, sage, manzanita, and brittlebush. A stepping stone path weaves through the expansive meadow of California poppy, hummingbird sage, and douglas iris, creating a glorious spring display.

Other Garden Attractions: Irrigation is by drip. Weed control is through the appropriate use of woodchips; weeding is done by hand.

Gardening for Wildlife: Hummingbirds and a variety of bees have been observed.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 2

Garden Size: 2214 sq.ft

Designer: Rebecca Schoenenberger, California Nativescapes
Installer: California Nativescapes

Plant list: In preparation, will be linked later...

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