Growing Natives Garden Tour 2017

Miguel Garden (16 photos from 2014)

Garden #25, Los Altos


Showcase Features: The inviting front garden includes mature California gooseberry, ceanothus, and manzanita as well as a garry oak, wooly blue curl, penstemon, and other drought-tolerant natives. A stone bench is a pleasing design element. During rainy days, water travels down a rain chain into a large container and down into a dry creek bed. In the shade, columbine, coral bells, and sword ferns green up the area near the house. The back garden has been designed with different plant communities and design elements in mind. A small bamboo grove with a Japanese lantern evokes the far east, while a large area of succulents and cacti, mulched with gravel, has plants from all over the world, Close to the house, we're coming back to California with attractive plantings of perennials and a native bunchgrass meadow.

Other Garden Attractions: Stone retaining walls, built by the owner, allow good drainage for plants and add structure to the garden. A beautiful wooden gate leads to an outside side yard with flannel bush and native wildflowers such as lupine.

Gardening for Wildlife: Humming birds and other birds enjoy the many flowering plants. Lizards hide in the crevices of the rock walls and love the desert area.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 11

Garden Size: 7400 sq ft

Designer: Owner
Installer: Owner

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