Growing Natives Garden Tour 2017

Tranquil California (11 photos from 2016)

Garden #3, San Carlos


Showcase Features: This professionally-designed garden is a great example of a collaboration between a designer and home owners. Kelly picked a plant palette that used primarily California natives, but also included some old favorites such as shrub roses and lavender. Coast silk tassel trees were planted to screen the garden from the neighbors, and in front of that deer grass, manzanita, and buckwheats are planted to offer a variety of textures and colors. Next to the walkway, 'Diamond Heights' California lilac and the homeowner's favorite, verbena, welcome the visitor with some color.

Other Garden Attractions: When home owners can't have lawn, what can they have? In this garden, a spacious deck made of Ipe (Brazilian ironwood) creates a low-maintenance and lively social space for entertaining. The garden envelops the space with fragrance and provides an ever-changing view of visiting birds and butterflies to share. Visitors are drawn into the garden around the stepping stone path, to enjoy the contrasting colors of purple coral bells against creeping thyme, bright garden favorite shrub roses against the muted beauty of 'Allen Chickering' sage, and the fine textures of native buckwheat. A coast live oak was planted for shade, and Bay Area native Coast silk tassel forms a dark green privacy hedge around the perimeter. Giant chain ferns, deer grass, and more 'Diamond Heights' California lilac bring the percentage of native much beyond the tour requirement while respecting the owners enjoyment of some old favorites.

Gardening for Wildlife: The owners were looking forward to spending more time in their garden, watching wildlife. The beautiful set of 3 recirculating fountains is a magnet for birds, while the palette of perennials were selected to attract butterflies and pollinators.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 3

Garden Size: 2300 sq.ft.

Designer: Greenwood Design Associates, LLC
Installer: Ian Harris Landscaping

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