Growing Natives Garden Tour 2017

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Garden #91, Gilroy


Showcase Features: In 2013, the owner converted plain Bermuda-grass lawn to a drought-tolerant landscape with majority of the new plantings being California natives. The sod was removed and used to build up mounds, which provide drainage for the plants that require it; wooly blue curls, which sometimes can be difficult to grow well, found a home on one of the mounds and grew to an impressive specimen. A recently planted toyon and elderberry surrounded by CA asters will soon become focal points of the front yard. A selection of monkey flower 'Eleanor' provides profuse display of yellow blooms until fall.

Other Garden Attractions: While most of the garden enjoys full sun, an existing large tree provided conditions desirable for some shade-enjoying plants such as white-blooming lewisia, woodland phacelia, and irises, transitioning to yarrow on the portions receiving high shade/sun.

Gardening for Wildlife: The plants were selected to attract wildlife by providing sources of nectar, berries, and shelter. Hummingbirds love the wooly blue curls, butterflies love the milkweeds, and bees are attracted by the buckwheats and other flowers.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 4

Garden Size: 840 sq ft

Designer: Homeowner
Installer: Homeowner

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